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Napoleon Cake

Elevate your culinary prowess and captivate your taste buds with a masterpiece of confectionery artistry – the Napoleon Cake. With its delicate layers of crisp, buttery pastry interwoven with velvety custard and crowned by a luxurious frosting, this dessert is the epitome of refined elegance. As you embark on this journey in the realm of dessert creation, we’ll guide you through the meticulous steps, ensuring every layer, every flavor, and every texture is a harmonious symphony of delight. Whether you’re a baking enthusiast or an aspiring pastry chef, this Napoleon Cake recipe is your ticket to creating a dessert that’s not only visually breathtaking but also a truly sublime indulgence. Prepare to impress your guests, or simply treat yourself to a slice of culinary heaven. Let’s begin this epicurean adventure.



  • 400 g flour
  • 200 g frozen butter
  • 200 g sour cream 15%
  • 1 large egg
  • Salt – 0.5 tsp

Napoleon cake pastry cream:

  • Butter at room temperature – 200 g
  • Condensed milk at room temperature – 150 g
  • Milk – 400 g
  • Egg – 2 pcs
  • Sugar – 100 g
  • 20 g vanilla sugar
  • Flour – 25 g
  • Starch – 25 g

Cooking method:

1. Preparing the Custard Base: To begin crafting this exquisite Napoleon cake, we’ll first create the luscious custard base, which needs to cool to room temperature for optimal results. In a mixing bowl, combine the eggs with sugar, vanilla sugar, flour, and starch. Gradually introduce the milk, creating a harmonious blend of ingredients. Over medium heat, meticulously brew this custard, ensuring a smooth, lump-free consistency while guarding against any hint of burning. Once the custard base reaches perfection, allow it to gently cool to room temperature, setting the stage for the cake’s delightful layers.

custard for Napoleon

2. Crafting the Crisp Dough: The foundation of this Napoleon’s exquisite layers is a crispy, buttery dough. Begin by grating frozen butter while intermittently dusting it with flour. Stir salt into the egg and combine it with sour cream, uniting this mixture with the buttery flour crumb. A swift knead is all that’s needed to form a cohesive dough; overworking it is unnecessary. Divide this dough into 8 to 10 equal portions, then refrigerate for an hour, granting it time to settle.

dough of Napoleon

3. Creating and Shaping the Cake Layers: Roll out each portion of dough on parchment paper, lightly dusting with flour as necessary. Bake these delicate layers for 7-8 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius, then, while still warm, artfully trim them into a round shape. Repeat this process for all 8-10 layers. Any leftover cake layer scraps can be baked to a delightful golden brown in the oven.

Napoleon cake layer

4. Preparing the Heavenly Frosting: The crowning glory of the Napoleon cake is its delectable frosting. Whip room-temperature butter for a luxurious 2 minutes, then incorporate room-temperature condensed milk, beating until a fluffy, velvety cream takes shape. Gradually introduce the previously prepared custard base, one teaspoon at a time, whisking diligently to maintain a perfectly smooth consistency.

5. Assembling the Napoleon Cake: It’s time to bring all these delectable components together. Spread a generous amount of the creamy frosting atop each cake layer, ensuring an even and sumptuous distribution. Continue to lavish this frosting on the sides and the crown of the cake. For a delightful textural contrast, blend the cake scraps into fine crumbs and combine them with powdered sugar. Playfully sprinkle these crumbs over the cake’s top and sides, imparting a captivating finish to the masterpiece.

cake Napoleon

6. Customizing the Texture: The final touch depends on your personal preference. If you savor Napoleon with crispy layers, allow the cake to rest in the refrigerator for 2 hours, enabling it to stabilize and attain a delightful crunch. However, if you prefer your Napoleon soaked and ultra-moist, grant it the luxury of an extended 6-8 hour soak in the refrigerator. Your Napoleon cake experience is now complete, tailored to your unique taste!

This Napoleon cake recipe promises an exquisite dessert that’s not only visually stunning but also incredibly indulgent in flavor and texture. Enjoy!
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