smart kitchen

Smart kitchen – an intelligent space for culinary masterpieces

The modern kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare food. In the smart home system, special requirements are imposed on it, and above all, these are convenience and functionality. You can turn any kitchen into a “smart” one with the help of a properly selected layout and a set of smart gadgets.

Ways to organize space in the kitchen

The speed, convenience and safety of the cooking process largely depends on the correct location of kitchen furniture and household appliances. Consider the main types of kitchen space planning:

  • Linear layout. In this case, all furniture and basic kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove, sink) are located in one line, along one of the walls. This arrangement is best suited for relatively small spaces, as it frees up more space for movement.
  • Corner. Furniture and appliances are placed along two walls, in an L-shape. Suitable for compact square kitchens such as old-style small apartments.
  • U-shaped. It is used for large kitchen areas, and in the presence of a significant amount of furniture and equipment. They occupy all three walls: opposite the entrance and two side ones.
  • Double row. Only two opposite sides of the room are occupied by furniture and household appliances, while the end walls remain free.
  • Ostrovnaya. This layout came to us from the West, and implies the location of the cooking zone in the center of the kitchen. There is a hob, cutting table, sink and hood-hood. This layout is suitable for large spaces, such as studio apartments or kitchens combined with a living room.

The basic rule for delimiting the kitchen space is that everything that is most necessary at a given moment in time should be at arm’s length. Therefore, during planning, the entire room is divided into separate block-zones: a cooking room, for washing dishes, for storing and primary cutting of food. By choosing the right kitchen layout, you can get the most comfortable and convenient space for work.


But a truly functional smart kitchen will become only if there is a certain set of intelligent household devices. The kitchen space is integrated into a single smart apartment complex, connecting to the central control hub.
Consider what smart kitchen appliances are popular at the moment.

Smart refrigerator

There are two types of smart refrigerators on sale today:

  1. They have a remote control function, which allows them to be connected to the smart-house system.
  2. With built-in stand-alone computerized control unit.

In the first version, smart refrigerators are equipped with communication devices with the central control unit of the smart home. In this case, its work can be fully monitored and controlled in an automatic mode, in accordance with the scenario laid down in the hub, or manually – from a remote mobile device, directly by the user.

The connection between the refrigerator and the smart home control unit is established through the following types of connections:

  • Radio wave on a special channel.
  • Via WiFi connection.
  • Via GSM mobile network.
  • With a wired connection.

Intelligent refrigerators are more sophisticated standalone devices. Such models are able not only to maintain remote communication with the owner or the central processor, but also to work in an independent mode. Thanks to the built-in computer, they are able to make autonomous decisions regarding the preferred mode of operation.

The most technologically advanced modifications are capable of performing a number of functions of a central hub, controlling the operation of kitchen appliances associated with it: kettles, coffee makers, hobs. This is possible either directly or through smart plugs. All smart refrigerators are equipped with a data input device and a display for displaying up-to-date information, playing audio and video files. Their set of functions also includes:

  • Self-diagnosis system.
  • The function of notifying the user about the operating parameters.
  • Determination of product groups and their expiration dates.
  • Tracking the availability of products, in accordance with the specified list, and automatically reminding the owner if any of
  • them are over.
  • Self-installation of the optimal power consumption mode.
  • Built-in e-book with recipes, which can be changed and supplemented.

Among the most popular models of smart refrigerators are:

  • Viomi Intelligent French from Xiaomi.
  • Smart InstaView from LG.
  • Family Hub from Samsung.
  • Whirlpool.


Kettles are also part of the range of kitchen smart home appliances. They allow you to set certain scenarios, establish a direct connection with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, and remotely change the settings. Among the main functionality of smart teapots:

  • Automatic switch-on time, in accordance with the set scenario.
  • Thermopot operation – maintaining a certain water temperature for a long time.
  • Multifunctional light indication.
  • Various additional functions: data transfer to a remote device, integration with a smart home control unit, etc.

Among the modern models of smart teapots, one can especially note:

  • Xiaomi MiSmartKettle.
  • Redmond skykettle.
  • Polaris PWK 1792CGL.

Smart multicooker

As with other smart kitchen appliances, the main distinguishing feature of smart multicooker is the ability to control them remotely. For this, either a central hub is used, when they are integrated into a smart home system or an application on the owner’s smartphone or tablet. The entire cooking process is controlled by a built-in processor that monitors the temperature and pressure inside the appliance. He also independently determines and controls the time required to prepare the dish based on the recipe and the mass of the laid products.

Another advantage of smart multicooker is interactive communication with the owner. As a result, he can control her work, receive SMS notifications about the cooking process. For this, the manufacturing companies have developed special applications for installation on mobile devices running on IOS and Android platforms.

Also, using a smartphone, multicooker allows you to:

  • Calculate the calorie content of the prepared dish.
  • Choose any dish you like, with step-by-step illustrations of its preparation.
  • Select a set of recipes for a set of available products.
  • Create your own recipe for dishes, and save it in the multicooker memory.
  • Remotely install child protection, blocking manual control of the device.
  • Set a delayed start so that the dish is ready by the time the owners return from work, or by the arrival of guests.

The leaders of sales today are the products of the companies:

  • Redmond.
  • Moulinex.
  • Bosch.
  • Tefal.

Smart coffee maker

Oddly enough, but the list of smart kitchen appliances also includes such highly specialized appliances as coffee makers. Like other kitchen appliances, coffee machines have a number of functions that make their work easier. Among the possibilities of a “personal electronic barista” are:

  • Possibility of remote control via smartphone or tablet: switching on and off, selection of programs and operating modes.
  • Saving recipes for preparing various types of coffee, as well as other drinks: hot chocolate, milk, their various combinations.
  • Multifunctional models can also independently fry and grind grains, whip milk froth.
  • Smart coffee makers are equipped with a built-in security system that sends an alarm to the owner’s smartphone in the event of a malfunction or malfunction of the device.

Among the best models of smart coffee makers, mention should be made of:

  • De’Longhi ESAM-6704, the machine is capable of independently preparing 12 types of drinks.
  • Saeco PicoBaristo Deluxe SM-5570. It is capable of preparing 14 types of drinks: 7 in automatic mode, and 7 more as individual optional settings.
  • REDMOND SkyCoffee M-1505S. Compact drip coffee grinder with a volume of 0.5 liters.

Bread maker

In the arsenal of household smart appliances designed for a smart kitchen, there is also a home bread maker today. This appliance is intended for baking fresh bread at home, and has a number of possibilities. So, the list of recipes for a smart bread maker includes:


  • Wheat and rye bread.
  • Butter buns and loaves.
  • Pizza and stuffed pies.
  • Cupcakes and other confectionery.

The device can be controlled both manually and remotely using a mobile application. A high-tech device is capable of performing the entire range of actions necessary for this:

  • Knead the dough on your own, observing the recipe parameters.
  • Heat the dough to speed up fermentation.
  • Start the heating element at the right time.
  • At the end of the process, the smart bread maker turns off on its own, notifying the owner with a sound signal, or sending him an SMS message to his smartphone.

On the modern market there are smart bread makers from the following manufacturers:

  • Moulinex.
  • Redmond.
  • Tefal.
  • Bosch.

Smart Assistive Devices for the Kitchen

In addition to household appliances directly involved in cooking, the list of smart things for the kitchen also includes a number of additional devices. They are not among the kitchen appliances, but they make it much more comfortable and convenient to use:

  • Water leakage sensors. Installed in the immediate vicinity of water supply lines. Leak detectors are able to raise the alarm in time when the first signs of a flood are detected. Modern models connected to shut-off valves can independently shut off the water until the leak is eliminated.
  • Light and presence detectors. These devices independently turn on the light in the kitchen when a person enters it, and turn off the lighting when he leaves the room. Devices that have a dimmer function are able to make the light brighter or dim it, depending on the time of day. All this provides significant energy savings.
  • Smart sockets. They allow the owner to turn on and off household appliances remotely via a smartphone, receive information about their operating mode, electricity consumption, etc.
  • Smart ventilation. It is able to automatically turn on at the beginning of cooking, or when the sensor detects the presence of traces of carbon monoxide, propane or an increased concentration of steam in the room. Integrates with detectors for gas leakage, smoke, etc.

The benefits of a smart kitchen

The above list of kitchen appliances is far from complete. Every year, manufacturers of smart appliances offer users various kitchen innovations. They are able to independently perform their functions and maintain remote communication with the owner or with the central hub of the smart home.

Among the main advantages of a smart kitchen space, it should be noted:

  • The speed of preparation of any dishes, which is especially important when the whole family returns from work only in the evening.
  • Comfort and convenience. The mood of its owner largely depends on how comfortable the kitchen is. And this, in turn, directly affects the taste of the prepared dishes.
  • The security system in the form of water leakage sensors, gas analyzers, smoke, minimizes the risk of fire, flooding, gas poisoning.

To achieve maximum convenience, making the kitchen truly “smart”, you just need to correctly delimit the space, and equip it with smart devices that are really necessary for your family.