Ukrainian borscht without meat

Ukrainian borscht without meat


  • Potato – 3 medium
  • Glass of beans
  • Cabbage 150 grams
  • Beets 200 grams
  • Carrots average one
  • One onion
  • Tomato paste 3 spoons
  • Dill
  • 2 liters of water
  • sunflower oil

Cooking method

  1. First, cut the beets into slices and pour the beets together with the beans with two liters of water, then cook for about 30 minutes.
  2.  Meanwhile, clean the potatoes, cut into cubes and throw to cook.
  3. Grate three carrots separately, chop the onion into small cubes and simmer in a pan in sunflower oil.
  4. Add tomato paste to the pan and simmer everything for about 15 minutes, stirring periodically.
  5. After pouring the broth into the broth, add the cabbage and boil for another 15 minutes. At the end add finely chopped dill
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Ukrainian borscht without meat
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